About CAGS

Chinese Academy of Geologi­cal Sciences

[ 01-13-2014 ]
The Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS) is a non-profit-making institution engaging in geoscience research, carrying out knowledge innovation and technological innovation and undertaking public-welfare and basic geological work and exploration and evaluation of strategic mineral resources. It was founded in 1956 and reorganized in 1999. The academy is devoted to scientific investigations and research and related development research on basic geology, mineral deposit geology, hydrogeology, engineering geology, environmental geology, karst geology, exploration geophysics and exploration geochemistry, rock and mineral analytic techniques, exploration techniquA bird's-eye view of CAGS compound es and techniques of multipurpose utilization of mineral resources. Its major tasks are:

   • To conduct frontier, fundamental and strategic studies and important key technology studies centered on the state development strategic targets, major functions of MLR and international scientific and technological frontiers, undertake country-wide and transregional studies of basic geology, carry out studies of mineral (water) resources, geological environment and geological hazards and related basic work and realize geoscience knowledge innovation and technological innovation so as to achieve high-level innovation results;
  • To probe and establish a new scientific research system and mechanism that conform to the geoscience research regular-ity and are compatible with international geoscience research and construct geoscience innovation bases with the international level, and accelerate transformation of scientific and technological achievements, establish new high-tech enterprises and encourage applications of high-techs to industrial production .
  • To participate in formulating relevant long- and medium-term geological science and technology development planning and apply for major scientific and technological projects and organize their implementation, and make suggestions about projects for land and resource surveys and cooperate with the China Geological Survey in organizing implementation of the land and resources survey planning and undertake major projects of land and resources survey.
  • To train a group of qualified scientific and techno¬logical talented people with innovative awareness, spirit and capacity in light of the principle of opening, free flow, competition and selection of the best qualified for research.
   • To conduct domestic and international scientific and technological exchange and cooperation and promote exchanges of knowledge and talented researchers. The Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences has 12 affiliated institutes and dozens of technically advanced laboratories with more than 10,000 apparatuses and equipment of various kinds.
    The academy now has 2333 staff members, of whom more than 1400 are professional staff working in various fields, including 17 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 940 senior researchers (of whom 201 have the professional title of research professors and 739 the professional title of associate research professors), 180 doctors and 192 masters.
    Since its founding, the academy has completed a few thousand scientific research projects, submitted large numbers of important scientific and technological achievements with a high scientific and technological level and produced social benefits and won considerable national or ministerial/provincial awards.
    CAGS has established exchange and cooperative relationships with related organizations of more than 40 countries and regions and implemented a few hundred cooperative projects.
    In the scientific and technological restructuring, CAGS has been designated by the government as the first group of public-welfare scientific research institutions where reform has been launched.