Prof. Mark W. Jessell Gives an Invited Lecture on “Geological Uncertainty and Geophysical Inversion”

[ 06-12-2016 ]

At the invitation of the Institute of Mineral Resources, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), Prof. Mark W. Jessell from University of Western Australia delivered the academic lecture “Geological Uncertainty and Geophysical Inversion” at CAGS on May 30th. More than 30 scholars and students listened to his lecture.


Prof. Jessell’s lecture involved the integration of geophysical information, ore deposit genesis and structural geology, mainly focusing on the quantitative analysis on the uncertainty of the large-scale geological data and the integration of geological data with geophysical inversion technology. His lecture presented the establishment of the high-quality regional 3D geological modeling at large scale. He also introduced WAXI, a mineral prospecting and developing program he conducted in Western African Craton. 


After the lecture, there was a discussion between Prof. Jessell and the audience concerning metallogenic rules, mineral prospecting and the further development of regional 3D geological modeling.


Prof. Mark W. Jessell is a renowned expert engaged in collecting and integrating geoscience data. Working at the University of Western Australia as a Winthrop Professor, Prof. Jessell has published dozens of academic papers and has been responsible for coordinating a number of special issues of major international academic journals, including Precambrian Research, Journal of African Earth Sciences and Interpretation