CAGS Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

[ 12-27-2016 ]

On November 9, 2016, CAGS celebrated the 60th anniversary of its founding at its headquarters based in Beijing. Leaders and scientists from the Ministry of Land and Resources of China, China Geological Survey, Chinese Academy of Sciences, universities and other academic institutions attended the celebrating ceremony.

Founded in 1956, CAGS is a non-profit-making institution engaging in geoscience research, carrying out knowledge innovation and technological innovation and undertaking public-welfare and basic geological work and exploration and evaluation of strategic mineral resources.


During the past 60 years since its founding, CAGS has made outstanding contributions to China’s geoscience undertaking, including providing scientific basis for the planning of the national geological work, making major breakthroughs in geoscientific theories and technological innovation, cultivating several generations of Chinese geoscientists, establishing a wide range of international cooperation network and leading frontier geoscientific research in China.


CAGS geoscientists put forward a number of geoscientific theories, including geomechanics, terrestrial facies of petroleum, polycyclic tectonics and porphyrite iron deposits etc. The geoscientific research conducted by CAGS has helped the country discover many large ore deposits, including the Baiyinchang copper ore deposit, Dachang tin ore deposit, Lop Nur potash deposit, Salt lake lithium deposit etc.


More than 40 Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering Sciences have worked in CAGS.