ICDP Executive Chairman Prof. Brian Horsfield Visits CAGS

[ 12-27-2016 ]


On December 11, 2016, Prof. Brian Horsfield, Executive Chairman of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP), visited the SinoProbe Center, CAGS. Prof. Wu Zhenhan, Director-General of the Department of Science, Technology and International Cooperation, China Geological Survey (CGS) and Vice President of CAGS, Prof. Lu Qingtian, Executive Deputy Director of the SinoProbe Center, Prof. He Qingcheng, Deputy Director of the SinoProbe Center, Mr. Zhao Caisheng and Mr. Fan Li, Division Directors from the Department of Science, Technology and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Land and Resources of China (MLR) met with Prof. Dr. Brian Horsfield and exchanges ideas on future cooperation.


Prof. Wu Zhenhan gave a brief introduction of CAGS and its cooperation with ICDP, and hoped the two sides could further promote cooperation in deep earth exploration. Prof. Lu Qingtian introduced the latest research results of the SinoProbe Program as well as the plan to apply for the national “Deep Earth Exploration Program” and to initiate the big international scientific program “Earth CT”. Prof. Lu Qingtian expressed the hope the ICDP could support the Chinese scientists’ new ICDP project proposal “Multi-Well Deep Underground Laboratory”, provide more training opportunities to Chinese young geoscientists, and help Chinese geoscientists to get more involved in ICDP meetings and scientific activities. Prof. He Qingcheng introduced the research on deep space utilization, including safe storage of liquid waste in deep earth, enhanced geothermal systems and compressed air energy storage etc. Prof. Brian Horsfield introduced the ICDP drilling project and ICDP project selection criteria. He analyzed the country membership in ICDP and encouraged China to increase its contributions to and profile in ICDP.


ICDP brings together scientists and stakeholders from 23 nations to work together at the highest scientific and technical level. More than 30 drilling projects and 55 planning workshops have been supported to date.