Investigation on Underground Space Utilization Carried out in Montreal and Tokyo

[ 04-18-2019 ]

With an aim to learn the good practices and advanced concepts and technologies in the field of underground space utilization, a five-person delegation led by Dr. Yan Guangsheng, the Chief Scientist of China Geological Survey and the Vice President of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences visited Montreal of Canada and Tokyo of Japan on June 21-26, 2019. 

In Montreal, the delegation held talks with the Secretariat of the Association of research Center for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS) with focus on knowledge sharing and future cooperation. The delegation also paid technical visits to the Montreal Underground City to  learn the good example of underground space utilization and overall land planning in high and cold areas.

In Tokyo, the delegation met with Geo-space Engineering Center(GEC) of Engineering Advancement Association of Japan(ENAA) exchanging methods and technologies in underground space exploration. To better learn the developed underground transportation network, field trips were made to the Yaesu Underground City , Tokyo Central Station, Shinjuku traffic hub and etc.