Dr. Alfred Lacazette Visits CAGS

[ 04-28-2019 ]

On April 26, 019, A delegation led by Dr. Alfred Lacazette, a Senior Geological Advisor with ARM Inc of the U.S., visited Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS) and gave a report on Imaging of Underground Fractures and Monitoring Technology of Crustal Stress. Academician Zhao Wenjin, Prof. Wu Zhenhan, vice president of CAGS, and Prof. Shi Danian, together with the research fellows from the Research Lab of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau met with Dr. Alfred Lacazette and exchanged ideas on Tomographic Fracture Imaging(TFI) and potential future cooperation.


Dr. Alfred specializes in fracture imaging and underground crustal stress monitoring, and the TFI introduced in his report is a frontier and promising technology in the identification of geothermal fluid and the description of geothermal reservoir in the deep earth.