CGS Leaders Call for Innovative Development of CAGS

[ 05-08-2019 ]

On February 22, 2019, the leading group of China Geological Survey(CGS) led by Dr. Zhong Ziran, the Vice Minister for Geological Survey, Ministry of Natural Resources and President of China Geological Survey carried out a special investigation on the innovative development of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences(CAGS) in the new campus of CAGS located in northern suburban Beijing. They visited the Laboratory of Deep-earth Dynamics and the Laboratory of Deep Mineralization Regularity and Mineral Resources Prediction, had on-site communication with the researchers, and held a meeting afterwards to listen to the work report of CAGS and discuss how to rise to the challenges that CAGS is facing in the process of its reform and development.      

Zhong Ziran spoke highly of the annual work done by CAGS in 2018, e.g. promotion of the establishment of the major program "Deep-earth Exploration", participation in the scientific research of "Songke 2 Borehole" and organization and implementation of the drilling engineering, improvement of the capacity building of the Deep-earth Exploration Center, organization of the International Symposium on Deep Earth Exploration and Practices (DEEP-2018), providing support to China Geological Survey and Ministry of Natural Resources in related areas, and progress of party building, construction of new campus and personnel development

For the work of 2019, Zhong Ziran put forward specific requirements: the first is to spare no efforts in the application and establishment of the major program "Deep-earth Exploration"; the second is to fulfill the tasks indicated in the document of Suggestions on Giving full play to CAGS in the Innovation of Science and Technology of CGS ; the third is to complete the relocation of CAGS to the new campus, and ensure the full implementation and proper operation of new mechanism and ne w policies.