CAGS-VSEGEI 2022 Joint Virtual Workshop Held

[ 09-21-2022 ]

CAGS-VSEGEI Joint Workshop was held via video link on August 4th, 2022,to discuss in depth the implementation plans of the 7 mapping projects currently being carried out in cooperation.

The Joint Workshop was co-chaired by Prof. Lv Qingtian, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), and Dr. Oleg Petrov, Director of Russian Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI). Academician Li Tingdong and Prof. Dong Shuwen, the Principal Investigator of SinoProbe Center also joined in the Workshop.

During the workshop, the discussion groups of both sides reported and exchanged the implementation plans of 7 international cooperative map compilation projects, considering the advantages and cooperation needs of their respective research fields. Subsequently, experts from both sides put forward specific suggestions on program revision and improvement and project implementation, laying the foundation for the next steps of project development.

In 2021, under the framework of “the China-Russia Year of Scientific and Technological Innovation”, our Institute effectively promoted cooperation with the Russian side in the field of Deep Earth Sciences and Geological Mapping, and signed a bilateral cooperation letter of intent with the Geological and Mineral Service of the Russian Federation and the Russian Geological Research Institute. After discussion, the two sides decided to jointly carry out the 7 projects:“Compilation of the 1:2.5 M Geological Map along the Geological Corridor”, “Quaternary Geological Map of Central and Northeast Asia at a scale of 1: 2.5M”, “Compilation of the 1: 2.5 M Neotectonic Map of Northern, Central and Eastern Asia”, “1:1M geological Mapping of the Great Altai Region”, “Upgrading the 1:2.5M Geological Map of Northern, Central and Eastern Asia”, “Upgrading the 1:2.5M Tectonic Map of Northern, Central and Eastern Asia” and “Upgrading the 1:2.5M Metallogenic Map of Northern, Central and Eastern Asia”. As a flagship project for the implementation of the China-Russian cooperation in the field of geosciences in the Year of Science and Technology Innovation, the projects received positive responses from Chinese and Russian government departments and research institutions, and were supported by the China Geological Survey and the Russian Federal Agency for Mineral Resources.

Nearly 30 experts from the Institute of Geology, Institute of Geomechanics of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, VSEGEI, and relevant personnel of international cooperation of CAGS participated in the Workshop.