Prof. He Qingcheng Participated in the Public Online Event of IUGS

[ 02-01-2023 ]

        On 13th October 2022, Prof. He Qingcheng, as the Chief Scientist of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization of China Geological Survey, participated in the online event of IUGS: Geoscience Solutions for Net Zero, the last big event of the IUGS’s 60th Anniversary which has marked the IUGS@60 celebrations crescendo. By virtue of his participation, Prof. He has deeply understood the successful experience and advanced technology in the field of carbon neutralization around the world, and have made a special report to introduce the latest progress of China in the field of geological carbon neutralization.

      On his report, Prof. He introduced China’s carbon emissions peak and promise on net zero at first. Then he elaborated on the efforts and achievements China has been made on carbon sink and carbon geological storage. He emphasized China’s huge potential in carbon storage, as well as China’s major experimental projects and S&T capability in carbon capture, utilization and storage. It is convinced that geologists can do more for approaching net zero through carbon reduction, carbon sink increase and carbon sequestration.

      This Geosolutions for Net Zero event aimed to raise and discuss these issues, and explore the nested scales of actions individual geoscientists right the way up to geo-unions can take to help accelerate the energy transition. Participants have heard from the International Science Council and other international organizations on their views about the role that various sciences might play in addressing the climate crisis. Besides, participants have investigated the geoethics of advocacy and explored what a science communication rethink might look like. The 11 special reports were followed by the panel discussion chaired by Prof. Iain Stewart (UNESCO Chair in Geoscience and Society) and Prof. John Ludden (IUGS President), providing opportunities for participants to air their opinions on net zero.