Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and Overseas Chinese Geologists Hold a Symposium

[ Source: (Source: Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences) ][ 12-24-2014 ]

On June 14 and 15, the 7th World Chinese Conference on Geological Sciences held by Geological Society of China and undertaken by Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS) and Chengdu University of Technology etc. was held in Chengdu, Sichuan. Between sessions, a symposium between Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and overseas Chinese geologists was held. Wang Xiaolie, Party Secretary and Vice President of CAGS, Zhu Lixin, Executive Vice President of CAGS, Academician Li Tingdong, leaders and a part of experts of affiliated institutes of CAGS, and almost 20 overseas Chinese geologists had a discussion on how to strengthen exchange and cooperation of geological science and technology. Dong Shuwen, Vice President of CAGS presided over the symposium.

During the symposium, an advertising video about historic evolution and development of CAGS was played. Mr. Wang Xiaolie talked about technological development program, favorable policies to attract talents at home and abroad, philosophy and vision to strengthen international cooperation and exchange. Mr. Dong Shuwen talked about staged achievements of SinoProbe. Academician Li Tingdong and other geologists had an in-depth exchange on geological subjects they are all concerned with. All present geologists showed their admiration for achievements of CAGS. They are looking forward to a brighter future of CAGS and strengthening exchange and cooperation with CAGS. They believe that China will become a greater geological power.   

With a relaxed atmosphere, consensus was reached in many aspects during the symposium, achieving the expected effect.