Experts of Saskatchewan Geological Survey Visits 3D-Geological Mapping Center of the Institute of Geology

[ Source:the Institute of Geology CAGS ][ 12-30-2014 ]
On October 28,2013,Dr.Gray Delaney,Chief Geologist of Saskatchewan Geological Survey,Dr.Ryan Morelii,an expert in the field of Precambrian study of Saskatchewan Geological Survey, and Victor Zhang, Appraiser of External Relations Program of Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy visited the 3D-Geological Mapping Center of the Institute of Geology, CAGS. This has been the first substantive cooperation since China Geological Survey(CGS) and Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy signed the Momorandum of Understanding(MOU).

Researcher Wang Tao, Chief Engineer of the 3D-Geological Mapping Center reviewed the history of the 3D geological survey that has been conducted in China and achievements obtained since the pilot project was initiatedin 2012. He particularly illustrated characteristics of China’s 3D geological survey and disadvantages in contrast with the western counterparts. He pointed out that China’s 3D geological survey is based on mapping at surface regional scales (1:50,000 and 1:250,000) and that3D geological modeling is carried out stage by stage following deep probing with geologic bodies as the targets. Professor Xue Linfu of Jilin University and Teng Shouren,Senior Engineer of Geological Survey Institute of Liaoning Province also introduced the achievements of their 3D geological survey pilot project Deep Geological Survey in the Benxi-Linjiang Area and 3D geological modeling.

Dr.Gray Delaney delivered a report entitled Saskatchewan 3D Geological Research, in which he talked about the energy resources condition in Saskatchewan, the achievements of 3D geological research and 3D geological modeling. He pointed put that the 3D geological modeling performed by Saskatchewan Geological Survey is based on collection of sufficient hole data,physical geography data and surface mapping, and especially in consideration of the uranium-bearing basin and Canadian shield in the north of Saskatchewan, potash basin and petroliferous basin in the south of Saskatchewan.

At the meeting, the two parties had an in-depth discussion aboutthe approach and content of further cooperation, and determined to strengthen their cooperation as regardsthe method and procedure of 3D geological modeling and promote 3D geological research together.

Present at the meeting were Zhang Zhiyong,Inspector of the Department of Geological Investigation, Mao Xiaochang and Shi Xianyao,Investigators of the Department of Geological Investigation, Bo Qin and Yang Tiantian,Associated Inspectors of the Department of Science, Technology & International Cooperation from the China Geological Survey, as well as researchers of the 3D-Geological Mapping Center.