MLR Key Laboratory of Metallogeny and Mineral Resource Assessment

[ 05-06-2015 ]

This laboratory is supported by the Institute of Mineral Resources, CAGS. The lab is dedicated to the following research fields: ore-forming processes and backgrounds, metallogenic theories; regional metallogenic patterns and theories, assessment and regionalization of potential mineral resources, important problems and new techniques and methods for the investigation and assessment of mineral resources, and typical cases in the exploration of large-scale ore deposits.

107 scientific papers were published in 2013, of which 37 were SCI-indexed papers, 21 published in international journals indexed by SCI, and 70 papers in national journals. The lab published 2 monographs and received 2 invention patents of China and 3 national patents for utility models.

Drilling core of potassium-bearing halite from borehole MK-1