MLR Key Laboratory of Paleomagnetism and Paleostructure Reconstruction

[ 05-06-2015 ]

The laboratory is supported by the Institute of Geomechanics, CAGS. Carrying on and innovating Prof. Li Siguang’s geomechanic theory and taking paleomagnetic research as the technical core, the lab focuses its research on restoration of paleotectonics; cutting-edge scientific problems such as global climate change, metallogenic background of large ore deposits, evolution of paleoenvironment and paleoclimate and process of large-scale active fault belts; making extensive application of paleomagnetic methods to new fields including mineral exploration and mechanisms of faulting process.

In 2013, over 30 research papers were published, including 13 SCI-indexed and 2 EI-indexed papers, and 11 papers were published in China’s core journals.