State Key Laboratory of Continental Tectonics and Dynamics

[ 05-05-2015 ]

Supported by the Institute of Geology, CAGS, the laboratory was established in 2011.
From the viewpoint of global tectonics, the lab focuses on comprehensive study of the composition, structure, behavior, dynamic evolution and deep driving mechanism of the continent in terms of field investigation, deep geophysical probing, continental drilling, isotope geochemical tracing and long-term borehole observations. The tasks of the laboratory include exploring and resolving crucial problems regarding the continental structure and dynamics of China (Asia), establishing a theoretical system of continental structure and dynamics, promoting the development of solid earth science, enhancing the level of non-profit geological investigation of China, and serving national interests concerning resources, energy and mitigation of disasters and social demands.
In 2013, 143 scientific papers were published, including 85 SCI-indexed papers and 55 in international SCI-index journals.

 Minister Jiang Daming visiting the
State Key Laboratory for Continental
Tectonics and Dynamics on June 4, 2013