Beijing SHRIMP Center

[ 05-05-2015 ]

Supported by the Institute of Geology, CAGS, the center, as one of the earliest basic science and technology infrastructure platforms approved by the MST and Ministry of Finance, is dedicated to the study of geochronology and cosmic chronology, new dating techniques and methods, rare-earth geochemistry in mineral microzones, the study of chronogenesis of major events in geological history, especially the formation and early history of the solar system and the earth, tectonic evolution of major orogenic belts, geological time scale and metallogenic epochs of large and special ore deposits, as well as research and development of relevant scientific instruments.
In 2013, 153 research papers were published to report results analyzed from a single SHRIMP instrument, including 72 English papers indexed by SCI. These productive records rank the center’s SHRIMP instrument the most productive instrument of the same kind in the world.
The Beijing SHRIMP Center was moved to its new building, located in the Zhong Guan Cun Life Science Park on Bei-qing Road. The two SHRIMPs of the Center passed the installation acceptance test successfully in the new lab building and re-opened its analytical service to the public.

The main chamber of TOF-SIMS-REE