National Center for International Research on Karst Dynamic System and Global Change

[ 05-05-2015 ]
This is a State-level international research center, which is supported by the Institute of Karst Geology, CAGS and the International Research Center on Karst under the UNESCO. It was approved by the MST in 2013.
Through international cooperation, this research center is able to share the latest information and research results in the world through their access to international scientific and technical resources. The researchers are to strive to make innovative results in the following topics: evolution regularity of karst dynamic system and influence of karst process on global carbon circulation and carbon sink effect, highprecision stalagmite paleoclimate records, management of karst water-bearing beds of extreme climate events and the response of fragile kart ecological system to global change, especially countermeasures to such problems as resources and environment in karst regions of the developing countries.