Institute of Geomechanics

[ 05-12-2015 ]
Established in 1956, the Institute of Geomechanics, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences has scientific research groups of Geotectonics, Continental Dynamics, Geological Hazard, Mineral Resources, Quaternary Geology and Environment, Petroleum and Gas Resources. At the present the institute has 171 employees including an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 44 research professors, 40 associate research professors, of which 51 have doctorate degrees and 23 have master degrees.

Main research fields :

  • Geomechanics: It works on inheriting and developing of Li Siguang’s scientific thought, and focuses on establishing the system of tectonic system and studying its role in the continental deformation by researching on the crustal movement and tectonic system.
  • Neotectonics and Crustal Stability: it works on studying the characteristic and regular rule of the national economic construction and the regional neotectonic movement of urban geology , and evaluating stability of earth crust in important engineering project basing on developing the theory of " safety island " .
  • Geologic  Hazard : It works on establishing assessment technique systems in the regions with frequent happening geologic hazards, and in geological environment and in Geological environment, fatalness and risk of geologic hazards in the areas with important engineering projects.
  • Quaternary Geology and Environment: It works on studying coupling relations of tectonization, climatic variation and environmental transition in different time scale by investigating quaternary loess and environment, glacier and environment, magnetic stratum and geological entironment for the aspects in order to monitor and improve the environment of country.
  • Dynamic Petrogenesis and Metallogenesis: It researches on the process of moving, accumulating and mineralizing of substance under the structural dynamic effect so as to set up the system of dynamical lapidification and mineralization in structure for working on general investigation of mineral resources and forecasting  position of orebody .
  • Tectonics of ore-field and prediction of mineral resources: The researches in this field focus on tectonic structures of petroliferous basins of China and the neighboring areas, the petroleum resources strategy of China, setting up the evaluation system of petroleum resources potentiality in the country and of strategic exploration of petroleum resources in new regions, and carrying out strategy research in global petroleum resources.

Key laboratory:

  • Key laboratory of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
  • Key Laboratory of Crustal Deformation and Processes, Chinese Academy of Geosciences

Domestic and international academic organizations:

  • Committee on Geomechanics, Geological Society of China
  • Committee on Paleomagnetism, Geological Society of China
  • Committee on Quaternary Geology and Glaciology, Geological Society of China

Key academic publication:

  • Journal of geomechanics

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