The Institute of Mineral Resources, CAGS

[ 05-12-2015 ]
The Institute of Mineral Resourc

es (IMR), CAGS was founded in 1956. It focuses researches on mineral deposits, petrology, mineralogy, and mineral resources survey and assessment. There are 170 staff members, including one academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; 40 research fellows and 50 associated research fellows, 58 with a doctor degree and 23 with a master degree.

Major Research Fields:
Ore-forming process and metallogeny: Studying regional metallogeny, ore-forming model, and ore-forming series and pattern to reveal the formation and evolution of ore diposits
Salt lake resources survey and assessment: Survey and integrated use of salt lake resources and the ecological environment protection of salt lakes; techniques for development and utilization of salt lake resources, such as potash, lithium and borum.
Mineral resources investigation and assessment and regional planning for mineral potential areas: Regional planning for and assessment of mineral potential areas; development of techniques for exploring deep resources, geophysical inversion, identification and integration of mineralization information and quantitative evaluation of mineral resources
Mineralogy and mineral materials: Physical and chemical properties of minerals, microarea composition and texture of minerals; 
Marine mineral resources: the occurrences and their formation mechanisms of polymetallic nodules, cobalt crusts, hydrothermal sulfides, and gas hydrate.

Mineral resources strategy and sustainable development: Strategy of global and regional mineral resources, 
Key Laboratories:
Key Laboratory of Metallogeny and Mineral Resources Assessment, CAGS
Key Laboratory of Saline Lake Resources and Environment, CAGS

National and International Organizations:

  • Commission on Mineral Deposits, Geological Society of China
  • Commission on Mineralogy, Geological Society of China


  • Mineral Deposits

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