Institute of Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology

[ 05-12-2015 ]
Institute of Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology(IHEG)was founded in 1956. It is an exclusive research institution nationwide involving the study on hydrogeology, engineering geology and environmental geology. It works as the key unit on the national hydrogeological survey and groundwater resources assessment. It is also the centre of the national hydrogeological environemntal geology compilation. The institute has 248 staffs, among whom one is academician of both the Chinese Academy of Science and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, one is academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 22 research fellows and 66 associate research fellows and 19 graduated students for doctor degree and 14 for master degree.

Main research scopes and aspects

The research focuses on groundwater resources survey and assessment, development and utilization and protection; on environmental geology, construction of the creative system of hydrogeology, engineering geology and environmental geology research.

The Institute works mainly on geological environment and engineering based on the water circulation theory and aims at the sustainable development of groundwater and environmental protection, and the relations between groundwater evolution and environment system including geological environment, ecological environment and land-quality environment etc. and groundwater contamination control and microbial environment aspects.
The key researches include the regional water circulation system, groundwater sustainable development, groundwater contamination with microbial environmental engineering, the regional ecological-geological vulnerability and urban environmental geology.
The research sections in the institute are as follows: Section of Regional Hydrogeology; Section of Groundwater Sustainable Development: Section of Hydrogeology on Contamination; Section of Microbial Environment Engineering; Section of Ecological Environment Geology; Section of Environmental Evolution; Section of Information Engineering; Groundwater and Engineering Open Laboratory and Groundwater and Mineral Water and Environment Monitoring Centre; National Groundwater Resources and Environment Information Center; Hydrogeology-Environmental Geology Experimental Network Management Centre; Science and Technology Centre.

Key Laboratories:
Open Laboratory on Groundwater and Engineering, CAGS
Monitoring Centre of Groundwater, Mineral Water and Environment, MLR
Land Environmental Geology Research Centre, CAGS

Academic Organizations:
China Chapter of IAH
Committee on Hydrogeology of China Geological Society
Committee of Agricultural Geology

Certificate of Environment Impacted Assessments (A Grade)
Certificate of Environmental Engineering Design (A Grade)
Certificate of Engineering Reconnaissance (A Grade)
Unit for Geological Hazards Risky Evaluation (A Grade)
Certificate of Water Resources Assessments on Construction (A Grade)
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